Friday, January 8, 2016

korean Artist Injoo Kang Fountain Art Fair(Exhibition)New York & Hong Kong Exhibition

자신의 작품을 전시회를 한번 하기도 힘든다는데 강인주 화가는 매년 서울과 부산의 갤러리에서 1년에 한번씩 작품들을 시민들에게 볼수있는 기회를 제공해왔다. 그동안 수많은 작품들을 애호가들에게 보여 큰 호응을 얻는 국내 중견작가이다. 금년에도 프랑스등 국내외 몇개국에서 전시회를 가졌으며 이번 10월에는 서울, 미국, 홍콩 3개국 도시에서 동시에 작품전을 열고있다. 국내 전시 한번 하는 것도 힘든다는데 같은 일정으로 서울 코엑스와 미국 뉴욕 그리고 홍콩에서 동시에 열린다. 서울 코엑스COEX 전시회 2013년 10월 3일 -7일까지 KIAF/13 (공평아트센터) Hall A & B COEX Booth No.A-12 korean Artist In -joo Kang Fountain Art Fair(Exhibition)New York 2013 America Exhibition Affordable Art Fair New York city Fall 2013 2013 OCT.4 - 6 The Tunnel, Cheist 269 11th ave. New York. NY Hong kong Exhibition 2013 oct.4 - 6 * Asia Contemporary Art Show ( k&P갤러리) Room No.2808 JW Marriott Hotel Hong Kong Pacific Place 27th - 30th Floors Artist Note (Kang, In -joo Kang) His knife is more delicate and precise than brush. Unique and natural touch is outstanding . The overlapped matiere radiates the material nature and depth of life. He approaches to the artwork with sharp kinfe as if arranging the up and down in the life. Artist In -joo Kang profile * graduated in occidental Painting , Hongik University in Korean *21 private exhibitions ( Seoul,Busan, Jinju in Korea and France) * Janpan salon Blanc Art exhibition ,2012 * St. Petersburg Exhibition 2011 Moscow, Russia) *kingston Invitation Exhibit 2012 ( England ) * Dijon individual invitation Exhibition 2012 ( France ) * The special Exhibition for the 8th Anniversary of the opening of the Acheon Art Gallery,2010 *Invitation Exhibit for the 17 year Anniversary of korea- China Amity 2009 ( Sangsang Gallery , Beijing) * The National Museum of Moden Art, Mongolia Special Exhibition ,2009 * Italy Sketch Exhibition for 26th birthday of the Art world ( The K Gallery) * Seoul Mordern art Show ( Yanggae Art center) * Present ; Korean Fine Arts Association , Seoul Fine Arts Association, Hanmonghoe , Ssiolhoe Contact Address : Gang in-joo arti. Samjeong- dong 657-11 , Gimhae-si , Kyeongnam-do , South Korea Phone : + 82-55-322-7478 Mobile : + 82-11-841-4812 E-mail :