Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Korea’s largest game exhibition G-STAR

Busan, a place of year-round festivals, has exciting festivals planned for the month of November as well, a month not typically popular with events. The Korea’s largest game exhibition G-STAR 

G-STAR is a world of mobile and console games of all sorts
This year’s G-STAR will use BEXCO’s new exhibition hall as its main B2B (business to business) exhibition hall. BEXCO main hall will be used for B2C (business to customer) exhibition.

Convention Hall and Auditorium are transformed into game culture zone with a variety of events planned like e-sports contest, Korea-China Game Culture Festival and teenager creative game exhibition. One of the most noticeable changes to G-STAR is the entrance. The organization committee will distribute bar codes to the visitors and the visitors will scan the bar codes upon entering.

This is to keep track of the exact number of visitors in light of the recent surge in the expected number of visitors.

The entrance gate has increased to three so the waiting time can be reduced. The resting area within the exhibition hall has doubled to four from the current two.

More games will be revealed. Nexon, Blizzard and Neowiz, among others, will exhibition not only the current PC online games but also mobile games and console games so visitors can experience various platforms on which games can be enjoyed. Especially this year a wider range of mobile games will be introduced.
The nationally popular game Anipang’s developer Sundaytoz will also set up a booth. Anipang and Aqua Story will be on display at the highly anticipated booth. There are much to see on the consoles as well.

This year Nintendo is participating and preparing a Nintendo 3DS zone. Nintendo 3DS is a new portable game device which you can feel the 3-D effect without having to wear the glasses. More new games will also be introduced.

To maximize the benefits to be gained by the participants, there are various business events. The G-STAR Talk Concert and G-STAR Investment market will be introduced for the first time this year. G-STAR Talk Concert is a discussion panel where game industry leaders talk about the future of game, presenting a guideline where the game industry should be heading.

G-STAR Investment Market is a session for small- and medium-sized companies to attract investors and 11 investing companies from Korea and overseas will participate to stimulate the game industry and improve the competitiveness of the companies.

Busan Port Lighting Festival

              Busan Port is colored with fancy lights
              Busan Port Lighting Festival (Nov. 9 to 18)
              Busan Port is lighting up with beautiful artistic colors of lights.

Busan City is hosting the 3rd Busan Port Lighting Festival from Nov. 9 to 18 near Dongsam-dong National Maritime Museum in Yeongdo District.

This year’s festival will take place at the National Maritime Museum which opened in July this year, presenting a beautiful harmony of sea and light. This year’s theme is “Soaring.” Dreaming of soaring up and presenting various light arts using sky and sea and earth in multidimensional ways is the concept of the festival.

At the Busan Port Lighting Festival, you can enjoy various art works related to light from various artists. At the Luminaire Square, a light square is lit up with ten thousands of light bulbs. Castle wall shaped spatella, tunnel shaped Galilei and pillar shaped risolati are just some of the various lights designed to fit the place, with exotic and fancy lights. In the light exhibition hall there will be Media Art, history of light, night view photograph and fancy light sculptures.

There are programs prepared such as air balloon performance, flying in air balloons lit up with colorful lights, which is expected to be a hit item at the light festival. Glow-in-the-dark face painting and drawing contest are some of the programs that families with children can participate together. There is also a wishing light event where people can write their wishes and float the small hope of light to the sky. There are also special concerts featuring famous singers as well as media art show, youth concert, night of jazz and party.

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* Information: Busan Port Lighting Festival organization committee
                                        (051-231-2537 /www.lightingbusan.org)