Monday, June 14, 2010

Gwangalli Eobang Festival in Busan korea

Festival Starting Period: 2010.06.11 ~ 2010.06.13
Tel: 051)610-4061~5
Festival Location: Gwanganri beach

Festival Introduction
Eobang means fishermen is union in the past when Sooyoung area was very famous for fishing industry. Every April when spring come around, Gwangalli Eobang festival is held to experience the traditional cutlure. You can see various events such as Gilnori, Opening parade, Eobang nori, candle wishes, fireworks, closing performance and so on in this festival. You can also participate some races and traditional experiences and taste raw fish here, too.

- Minor Events
dislay, performance, event

- Guide for Festival Place
Hwangryengsan tunnel ramp -> Pass Daenam underpass road -> Gwanganri beach way -> Near Gwanganri beach,Suyeong riverside road -> Gwangan Daegyo(Bridge) -> Near Gwanganri beach

Intercity Public Transportation
* at Gimhae airport about 100 minute by busabout 80 minute by taxi* at the Pusan stationabout 47 minute by busabout 35 minute by taxiabout 39 minute by underground* at Dongboo Express terminalabout 87 minute by busabout 45 minute by taxiabout 50 minute by underground* at Seoboo Express terminalabout 60 minute by busabout 50 minute by taxiabout 40 minute by underground

Local Public Transportation
* bus : 20, 38, 40, 41, 42, 51, 51-2, 83, 83-1, 106, 108, 108-1, 109, 131, 131-1, 139, 140, 155, 239, 302* underground : Geumnyeonsan, Gwangan Station

Gwangalli Beach in Busan

Gwangalli beach lies in the heart of Busan city, which takes after passion of South Pacific Ocean. It is located in Gwangan 2-Dong, Sooyoung-Gu, Busan metropolitan city, which is west of Haeundae beach. It is fine sand beach, which is 1.4km in length and 64m in width. You will find fish in the clear seawater. This beach is being loved by many young people. You can enjoy not only swimming but fancy restaurants, cafes and clothes shops so that this spot can easily beat downtwon of the city. There are lots to eat and see here, which will make your holiday more enjoyable. Also the view of Gwangan Bridge at night is fantastic at night time. The streets are full of romantic cafes and three hundred raw fish restaurants alng the beach. You can also enjoy lots of festivals such as Busan Sea Festival on the outdoor stage. You might go fishing to Sooyoung river near the beach and taste fresh raw fish there. You can go yachting in Olympic Yachting Center. There are good accommodation facilities alng the beach. You can stay in hotels along the beach. You could also use youth hostel located in Geumryeun mountain near the beach, if you are on budget travel.

Opening Hours : every year 1-July ~ 31-August(2 months)

- Capacity : 100,000 people

- Parking Facilities : Yes - 300 cars

- Available Facilities
toilet 3 offices, 5 shower booths, 4 Drinking water fountain, summer admministration center, summer police office, life guard 119, teenagers counselling room, Civil Service center, water fountain, feet washing room, outdoorpermanent stage, green zone, beach music broadcasting(Musical broad casting for tourist)

- Tour Course Info
Gwangan Big Bridge, UN commemoration park, soobyun park, Gwanganli Eobang Festival, Gwanganli beach street music festival, Sooyoungjun Tondaljionoli on the 15th of January by the lunar calendar

- Experience Information

Experience of catching shell - catch shell by feet touch
- Informant : SOOYOUNG GUCHUNG culture publicity
- Tel : 051)610-4061

Intercity Public Transportation
▶ Train(Busan Station)
- Bus : 40, 41, 42, 139, 1001, 1003
- Subway : Seo-myeon Station >> Geumnyeonsan, Gwangan Station
▶ Flights(Kimhae Airport)
- Airport Limousine Bus : Namcheon-dong
▶ Express Bus
○ Nopo-dong Busan Central Bus Terminal
- Subway : Seo-myeon Station >> Geumnyeonsan, Gwangan Station
- Bus : 49-1
○ Sasang Seobu Intercity Bus Terminal
- Subway : Geumnyeonsan, Gwangan Station
- Bus : 62, 20, 38, 51, 51-1, 83, 83-1, 108-1, 131, 155

Local Public Transportation
▶ Bus : 41, 42
▶ Subway : Gwangan

Accommodation Near by
Hotel Aqua Palace
Hotel Aqua Palace is a leisure hotel for four seasons along Gwangalli beach. The seventy resort like rooms range from standard room, traditional Ondol

* Don Beach Tourist Hotel
Don Beach Tourist Hotel is also located in Gwangalli beach side. They have a special sauna called Hinoki where you can look out to the sea. They also

* Homeros Tourist Hotel
Hotel Homeros has luxurious and stylish atmosphere. They have standard room where you can appreciate beautiful night view with Gwangan bridge, Deluxe

Spa and steam sauna at Hotel Homeros
Hotel Homeros is a special grade hotel with 103 rooms and nested along Gwangalli beach with the view of Gwangan bridge. The spa and steamed sauna in the hotel offer you the whole view of the beach. Especially the night view with numerous lights on the bridge is spectacular

* Outdoor Cafe Street
You will find so many outdoor cafes with live music back of the sea side road in Gwangalli. Santa Monica, Shinjuku, Charlies and etc... many bars here

* Street of paintings along the beach
The Angelus by Millet, The dream by Picasso, Sunflowers by Gogh, and Bull by Lee Jung Seop.... These are all the famous paintings you can see along Gw