Sunday, February 28, 2010

suyeong historical park - cultures of historic relics

The suyeong historical park, located 200m to the north of suyeong crossroad , is the historic place stationed by naval forces dominion of Gyeongsang left province, which governed the southeastern coastal areas in the Chosun Era, There are many historic relics preserved in the park which includes south gate
of suyeong castle, tangible clutural properties desingnated by the city, Altar for
25 volunteersoldiers, rememberance desingnated by the city, three intangible
cultural assets including Seyeong yaru, two natural treasures of back pine and
aphannanthe aspera, sanctuary for general Ahn-yeongbok which is non-designated cultural relics , and the corporation of Suyeong historics relics and
traditional arts preservation association ( tel :82-51-752-2947) which preserve and manage the relics.

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