Thursday, August 19, 2010

Bohyeon-san (mountain) Astronomical Observatory of Yeongchon ,korea

Bohyeon-san (mountain) Astronomical Observatory, one of the 3 largest astronomical observatories in Korea, is located at the top of Bohyeon-san.
It is used to observe movements and changes of celestial bodies and creation and evolution of the universe.
Bohyeon-san (mountain) Astronomical Observatory is also good place for the youth to visit since it can not only provide the panoramic view of Bohyeon-san ridges but also give chance to observe a night sky.

Open time
Day time : April~October(the 4th Saturday every month,14:00~16:00)
Night time : One time a year(14:00~23:00)

Events : lecture on Astronomy & a study tour to facilities of astronomical observatory

Visitors' Center
Open from Tuesday through Sunday(Closed for Monday)
Summer time : 10:00~17:00
Winter time : 10:00~16:00
Information : 054)330-1038 Direction

Take a national highway #35 in Yeongcheon city and go to Cheongsong direction(north) for 20km -> Jacheon-maeul -> Checkpoint for overloaded vehicles -> Take right in front of the milestone of Astronomical Observatory -> Ogkye-gyo(bridge) -> Jeonggak church -> Take left at Jeonggak 3-way crossing and go for 9km

Public Transportation(Mountain climbing)
Take a seat bus at Yeongcheon Inter-city bus terminal ¡æ Get off at Jeonggak(Jeonggak-ri 3-way crossing) -> Go on foot
* It will take about 3hours(9.3km) if you take road and it will take one and half hours if you take climbing passes.

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