Friday, April 22, 2011

Royal Tomb of Queen Seondeok of Silla Kingdom of Korea

This is the tomb of Queen Seondeok ( 632-647, kim deok-man), the 27th ruler of the Silla Kingdom.

It is located on the mid- slope of the ridge of Mt. Namsan.The circumference of the tomb's mound is 74m , its height is 6.8m and its diameter is 24m .

There is a pile of soil covering the tomb : its shape is round. The base of the mound was built with natural stones to protect the tomb.

Queen Seondeok, the first queen of the Silla Kingdom, is credited with the construction of many monumental buildings, such as great monuments of Bunhwang temple. the huge nine-story wooden pagoda of Hwangnyong Temple. and the astronomical observatory Cheomseongdae. And it was during her reign of 16 years that the groundwork was laid for the unification of the Tree Kingdoms of Korea.

In this endeavor, of course, the queen was greatly helped by General Kim, Choon-choo ( who became the 29th ruler of Silla) and General Kim,yu-shin.

According to the Samgukyusa,the queen said, "I will die someday soon, so Iask you,my subjects, to bury me at Doricheon.

But those who didn't know the place asked her , "Where is Doricheon?"
She said " The place is on the southern part of Mt.Namsan." She passed away the day she had predicted,and her subjected her at the sunny side of Mt.Namsan as requested 30 years later.

 Sacheonwang Temple was built below the tomb in 679 A.D., the 19th year of Silla King Munmu the Great(661-681), who united the Three Kingdoms under his rule. In Buddhist cosmology. Sacheonwangcheon( sunskrisrt;caturmaaharajakayikas heaven) is under Doricheon also known as Trayastrimsa heaven which is located on the peak of Sumeru, the central mountain of the world.

After that, people realized her numinous and secred presence.

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