Saturday, November 13, 2010

Oryukdo in busan korea

oryukdo means five-or-sux islets, beacause dn a clear day dnly five islets can be seen but dn a foggy or tide-rising
day , six are visible. THE Actual number of islets is six, and according to the distance from the shore, they are called Bangpaeseom (Shield isle) , Solseom ( Pine isle), Suriseom ( Eagle isle) , Songgotseom(Awl isle), Gulseom(Cave isle), and eungdaeseom (Lighthouse isle) .

In the greatest isle Gulseom, there is an immense cave with crstal-clear, pure drinkable water dripping from the ceiling . The islet most distant from the shore was originally called Batseom (Field isle ), but was renamed Deungdaeseom after a lighthouse was founded there. this group of scenic islets is symbol of the Busan, gateway to Korea.

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