Thursday, December 23, 2010

Naga Neupseong Folk Village in Suncheon city

Composed of the clustering of strawthatched cottages with yellow pumking on top of the roofs with smoke rising from thier chimmeys, this village is very cozy.
This village welcomes new vistors who can feel at home. The residents, government offices, and stone fortress of Joseon Dynasty have been restored in this folk village. On the 15th day of a lunar month in January, Vistors can view the monumental event for General Im Gyeong-eop, traditional fork games such as seesawing, swing,and turning around the fortress.

Tourists will discover many treasures as they take a tour around the cultural and
historical sites in suncheon and its surrounding areas.

  A blessed land where mountains, sea, river, lakes and beautiful people coexist together . It is a paradise place  where it has the world's dnly coastal wetland with  the reeds and tidal flat for migratory birds.

It is the city where it  the 2013 Suncheon bay world gardening expo will be held in harmony with the urban and ecological nature in both axes of our theasure house.
Suncheon bay has the 1st grade environmental water quality, the dongcheon river.

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