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Jwasuyeong eobang-nori, the fishing songs of korea

Jwasuyeong eobang-nori, the fishing songs

Since Suyeong is a flourishing costal fishery, it also has well-developed Eobang, cooperative association for fishing. Jwasuyeong eobang-nori is the modern version of Obang training and education on anchovy fishing and fishing in an arts form. It is a sort of Eobang song consisting of four parts such as Naewangsori, Sarisori, Garaesori, and Chingchingsori.

The fishing songs of the fishermen those who were being engaged in the coastal fishery on the Bay of suyeong, have been transmitted as the folklore fishery play called the Eubang-nori The conspicuousness of fishing songs is superior and was rewarded the presidential prize, the highest award at the 14th National folkoore Art Contest in 1973, and then was recongnized as a transmitting culture and designated in 1978.

Suyeong(or Jwasuyeong)was in the area of the Left Naval Command near the fishing villages and it is said that both the civilians and the soldiers mutually co-operated in fishing seasons on the Bay of Suyeong.

The songs have been originated from the songs called naewang-sori of fixing and repairing the net and twisting the twines to flip, secondly the songs called sari-sori of throwing the net and pulling up it again, ladling away from the net, thirdly the songs called garae-sori of shovelling out the fishing, finally the songs called ching-ching-sori of exilarating and self-congratulating the bountiful fishing. It may be given as a conclusion that Jwasuyeong fishing songs in general are recongized to be one of the typical folklore plays.

       A regular performance is held every August at the Gwangalli beach.

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