Friday, June 1, 2012

Beautiful big old willow rural Wiyrang reservoir in South Korea

               Beautiful big old willow rural  Wiyrang  reservoir in South Korea

             Gyeongsangnam-do cultural material no. 167
             Gyeongsangnam-do Mirang-city, Bubuk-myeon Wiyang-ri

It is an agricultural reservoir made by a dam dated to the Silla and Georyro dynasty(918 ~ 1392).
"Wiyang"means " for the people " and the present dam, according to a record, was rebuilt by YI YUDAL
who was an administrator of Milju in 1634. There  is a pavilion, wanjaejeong, built by the Andong Gwon family.

It is said that the place once had many beautiful flowers and rare trees and its scenery was renowned.
It is still managed by the Andong Gwon family.

From documents in the late Josen dynasty (1392~1910) and modern times, the size of the of the reservoir had been gradually reduced but it has the double function of a reservoir [with economic implications]and a pond.  Near the pond, are Mount Hwaak, Unjuam [retreat]and Toero pond.

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