Monday, April 9, 2012

Well ( Jaemaejeong ) in the courtyard of General kim yu-sin's house of Silla dynastic .


             Jaemaejeong is the name of a well in the courtyard of General kim yu-sin's house.

           According to Samguksagi , on his way back home after a great victory over Baekje,
          General kim yu-sin received an urgent message that Baekje troops were coming back again.

    Retruning to the battlefield, he passed by his house. He stopped and ordered one of his soldiers
    to brong some water from the well. After he drank qater, he said that the taste of water was just
    as same as it used to be.

          The well is 5.7m deep , 1.8 m in the largest diameter and 1.2m diameter on the bottom.
          The merorial stele was erected beside the well in 1872,
                the 9th year of Joseon King Gojong(1863-1907) .

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