Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Geoje prison camp during the Korean War

Geoje prison camp.
Gyeongsangnam-do Geoje-si , Geohyeon-dong 362
Gyeongsangnam-do cultural material No.99

It was a pow camp for North Korean and Chinese soldiers during the Korean War.
The camp, set up on Nov.27 1950. in GOHYEON , SUWOL, and YANGJEONG, on 120 million m2 Kept, at its peack, 150,000 North Korean regular forces, 20,000 Chinese regular forces and 3,000 conscripted irreaulars and women prisoners.

A Number of buildings were set up to accmodate and manage many prisoners, such as barracks for prisoners, es for prisoner asssessment and a bread factory.

When the cease fire was negotiated anf agreed to on July 27 1953, most prisoners were returned to North
Korea and China and the camp was closed. Some parts of the camp have been maintained as a historical record.

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