Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Russian Novel - Film Information and Open Talk !

    The Russian Novel

       COUNTRY : Korea, South
     CAST:  KIM Insoo 김인수,KANG Shinhyu 강신효,KYEONG Seonghwan 경성환,KIM Jeongseok  김정석,
                        LEE Jaehye 이재혜,LEE Kyongmee 이경미,LEE Yoomee 이유미,LEE Bitna 이빛나,
                       CHEOUNG Hoonhee 정훈희
      MUSIC : KIM Shinill 김신일
      Running Time :  140min

The second installment of Shin Yeonsik’s middle-aged romance trilogy unfolds like a tragic Russian novel, in a visual monochrome with understated audio. A writer, who had lapsed into unconsciousness at the age of 27, miraculously regains consciousness after a 27-year coma and wakes to a world where he is a literary sensation, a prestige writer representing the period. The book, , has earned him legendary status. It just so happens he did not write the book. In a reflective scene near the end of the film a character explains the basics of the Russian novel: long, complicated and so many characters. The same can be said ofthe film. It has a relatively long running time of 2 hours and 20 minutes and a complicated narrative structure, unfolding in order. There are so many characters in the film that it’s impossible to remember them all. Although long, it is never boring; complicated, certainly, but never difficult; and packed characters, yes, but never to the point of distracting.


Shin Yeonsik studied Spanish at the Hankuk University of Foreign Studies before breaking into the film industry as a director’s assistant in 1997. His filmography includes (2009) and (2005).

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