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World Cinema " Beasts of the Southern Wild" United States Film

17th  Busan  International Film Festival World Cinema section information .
The World Cinema section has allowed everyone to examine the general trend of non-Asian films of the year. This year, the section is filled with 74 films from 45 countries. A number of new works by the world-renowned filmmakers have been selected from Europe, where the nations with traditionally strong film industry are located. Among them, there are films presented or awarded at the world's three major film festivals, such as Michael Haneke's (France), Matteo Garrone's (Italy), Thomas Vinterberg's , the Taviani brothers' (Italy) and Christian Petzold's (Germany). There also are new works from the filmmakers like Jan Troell, Marco Bellocchio, Ken Loach, Volker Schlondorff, Olivier Assayas and Cristian Mungiu. France still ranks first in terms of the number of newly produced films, and Italian directors have been standing strong since last year. Vitality of German cinema is proven by the increase in the number of German films selected, as well as . European world premieres include Silvio Soldini's (Italy) and (Spain), characterized by its unique and mystical atmosphere.

The international premieres include (Denmark), (Netherlands), (Finland), a comedy called (France) and a revisionist western (Poland). There also are works by new European filmmakers: (UK) and (Ireland). Meanwhile, a large number of high-quality independent films are produced each year in North America. Particular attention is required for two films having their world premieres in Busan, (Canada) and (Canada). Ben Affleck's (US), a Hollywood film produced this year, has been selected from the USA to provide a unique and enjoyable experience. In 2012, the most noticeable trend of world cinema is the remarkable growth achieved by the film industries in Central and South Americas. Such a growth is demonstrated by the Best Director Award won by Carlos Reygadas and the meteoric rise of young directors including Michel Franco and Andres Burgos Vallejo. In particular, this year's significant growth of Chilean and Colombian films will be witnessed with (Chile), (Chile) ? a unique western which will have its international premiere, or (Colombia). As for African and Oceanian films, (Morocco), (Kenya), (South Africa) and (Australia) will prove their directors' skillfulness in Busan. The World Cinema films describe diverse aspects of human life, sometimes from a serious and critical perspective and other times within the framework of a particular genre. These films, which will travel long distance to visit Busan, reflect the lives of our contemporary global neighbors and therefore be all the more interesting.

World Cinema " Beasts of the Southern Wild" United States Film


*  COUNTRY : United States

*   Date of Production : 2012

 * Running Time 92min

 * Color / Format DCP / Color

                                                      Film Information

A girl named, Hushpuppy, lives with her father in a distant land in the southernmost edge of the world. Animals die in her community, turning the “southern land” into a ruin. Even her father becomes ill and Hushpuppy is faced with a crisis.

The sequence of Aurochs, prehistoric animals that are ancestors of cow, travelling in an iceberg to come to Hushpuppy is stunning to see. This may be just a girl’s fantasy. Yet the scene where fantasy overlapping with reality, symbolizing the girl’s encounter with the Mother Nature, is photographed beautifully. The scene of the girl communing with Aurochs, which is shot with computer graphics, clearly demonstrates that the “southern land” represents today’s world that lost nature and human heart. Hushpuppy meets her mother, communes with Aurochs, embraces her father –a miracle-like happy ending to the girl’s journey to self-discovery. 


Benh Zeitlin began his career as a filmmaker at the tender age of 6 when he and a friend made a Batman movie. He continued making films as a child before attending Wesleyan University, where he majored in film. After graduation, he worked with elementary students in New York creating short films. His short films are (2005), (2006), and (2008). is his first feature.

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