Friday, January 25, 2013

Wide Busan As ‘Korea’s Manhattan,’ Centum City leads the way

Centum City, often called “Korea’s Manhattan,” is a growth engine that is leading Busan into the future. Though it is leaving behind its role as a shipping and distribution hub, it is leaping into the world of international tourism and shopping.

Recently, major newspaper Hankyoreh’s economic magazine Economy Insight introduced Busan’s successful economic and cultural development through an eight-page special in its November issue. The cover story “Centum City proceeds, Pudong steps aside” objectively spotlights the city as it leaps ahead other Northeast Asian hubs like Shanghai and Tokyo.

“Centum City is a growth engine leading Busan into the future in international tourism,” the article emphasized. “Thanks to a remarkable increase in the number of cruise ships docking at Busan Port, more high-class consumers are opening their wallets in the city. Despite a recession, Busan City is full of ships and visitors.”

To support its claims, the magazine cited “excellent infrastructure for tourism, shopping and leisure” and added that “Centum City is the center of it.”

It is the first place cruise ship visitors go to after arriving in the city, mingling with industrial complexes, residential developments and commercial facilities.

Economy Insight’s November issue introduces Busan’s striking development that persists even during a recession. Pictured on the front page is a night view of skyscrapers in Centum City.

Shinsegae Department Store is also a top draw for tourists, according to the article, as the largest department in the world listed in the Guinness Book of World Records. The city also offers a line of towering skyscrapers that is a magnificent sight incomparable to any other in the world. These sights and other shopping and leisure facilities attract foreign visitors.

“Busan, located only a one-hour flight away from Asia’s major cities such as Seoul, Shanghai and Tokyo, is no more Korea’s second city, it is a center of Asia,” the article concluded.

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