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korean Artist Kang, In -joo, Fountain Art Fair(Exhibition)New York 2013

korean Artist Kang, In -joo, Fountain Art Fair(Exhibition)New York 2013

Amorites Show (The Armory Show), held during the New York the Amorites Week Amory week period with satellite show opened, because prayer is the head of the whole city to see the flow of contemporary art Art Festival.

Korea shares the tenacity of the author other four (4) Exhibition will be held March 7 to 10, 2013.
Invited Artists ;
Kang, In-joo, Park, Ki-Soo, Park, Dong-youl, Kim, Won Kyung, Koo, Youn-Joo.

                                        The Sound , 65.1 cm  s * 50cm oil canvas 2012

Artist Note (Kang, In -joo) ;

His knife is more delicate and precise than brush.
Unique and natural touch is outstanding . The overlapped matiere radiates the material nature and depth of life. He approaches to the artwork with sharp kinfe as if arranging the up and down in the life.

Artist Kang, In -joo profile

* graduated in occidental Painting ,
      Hongik University in Korean

*21 private exhibitions
  ( Seoul,Busan, Jinju in Korea and France)

* Janpan salon Blanc Art exhibition ,2012

* St. Petersburg Exhibition 2011
         Moscow, Russia)

*kingston Invitation Exhibit 2012 ( England )

* Dijon individual invitation Exhibition 2012 ( France )

* The special Exhibition for the 8th Anniversary of the opening of the Acheon Art Gallery,2010

*Invitation Exhibit for the 17 year Anniversary of korea- China Amity 2009

( Sangsang Gallery , Beijing)

* The National Museum of Moden Art, Mongolia Special Exhibition ,2009

* Italy Sketch Exhibition for 26th birthday of the Art world ( The K Gallery)

* Seoul Mordern art Show ( Yanggae Art center)

* Present ; Korean Fine Arts Association , Seoul Fine Arts Association, Hanmonghoe , Ssiolhoe.


Address : Gang in-joo arti. Samjeong- dong 657-11 , Gimhae-si , Kyeongnam-do , South Korea.
Phone : + 82-55-322-7478
Mobile : + 82-11-841-4812
E-mail :

Exhibition  place

69th Regiment , Armory
68 Lexington avenue at 25th street
New York, NYC

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