Thursday, July 28, 2011

Best walking course Seongjigok Park The 'Healthy Road’

There are about 21 esplanades in Busan City running by mountains, sea, lakes and the city. The walks pass by cliffs, wind through mountains and offer outstanding views. And Busan’s Galmaet-gil Footpaths are some of the very best.

These roads not only have fantastic scenery, they have an abundance of anion and phytoncide in the air, making it even healthier to go for a walk there.

Among the Galmaet-gil Footpaths, the one running by Seongjigok Park (catchment area) ? the former source of drinking water for Busan’s citizens ? and the Mt. Baikyang therapeutic walk are particularly rich in anion and phytoncide.

Recently, I stepped into the entrance of Seongjigok Park. It was colorful as always. The park is full of beautiful flowers in different colors. Perhaps that is why the faces of everyone here are just so bright. The giggles of the children tickled my ears. Nice sunshine and a delicious breeze ? the weekend was bright and shining. All the roads of the park were a parade of deep green color.

Seongjigok Park, located on the slope of Mt. Baikyang in Choeup-dong, Busanjin District, also has outstanding scenery, with Japan cedar trees and Japanese cypress. It is beloved by Busan locals as a park full of trees within the city. It is designated Busan City’s local cultural asset No. 32.

I stepped onto a path flanked by big and tall Japan cedars. Love and life is shared in equal measure among the people who walk here. There are always so many baby carriers here, as parents yearn to share the life of the woods with their offspring.

Soon the forest was stretching out before me and the green leaves of the alder trees were shining brightly beneath the sun. The birds chirped and tree branches brushed against each other in the wind. As I stepped deeper in the woods, a sudden stillness surrounded me. The tranquil walkway continued on its distant path.

Soon afterward I came across a water spring, where I gulped down a glass of cool spring water. It felt like nature was pouring into me, and I was becoming part of it. The sound of the stream grew suddenly, and I could even hear pebbles spilling downward. My ears suddenly lit up.

Seongjigok Park is known as the best esplanade in the city, making it a big draw for visitors.

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