Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Dodong-Seowon confucian Academy in Daegu city

The realm of Ganghak is an area to pursue learning. The building in front is Jungjeong-dang, a lecture hall where directors and confucian students studied together. The lecture hall is a main building tn the confucian academy.

In the front yard, Geoin-jae, an east dormitory where confucian students lived and Geoui-jae stand face to face. while 4 dragons heads that hold cintamanies and fish in the mouths and a squirrel-shaped animal is decorated on the front stylobate in the lecture hall, 4 dragons heads are the symbol of "dragon" god of the water, as a secret plan
to prevent the overflow of water from Nakdong River in front of confucian academy.

In addition, as the wall around the lecture wall is a gabled wall made of mud and roof tiles, it is so beautiful in shape and composition. Jangpan-gak is a place to store artifacts and wooden writing boards.

The space for ritual ceremony is a place to perform and prepare ancestral rites.
Entering the inner triplet gate, there is a shrine which honors Kim,Goeng-pil ( his pen name is Han-hwon-dang) and Jung,GU 9his pen name is Han-gang). Jung, Gu was honored in the 4th year of the reign of King Sukjong 1678).

Since a shrine should be a holy, digninfied place, it was placed at the highest spot in the confucian academy and surrounded by walls. Jeungban-so is a place where utensils used in ancestral rites are stored and offerings are prepared and is usually located in a shrine.

Jeungban-so in this confucian academy is placed on the right side of the inner triplet gate and surrounded by another wall. Ancestral rites are held on Jungjeong Day in February and August according to lunar calenar.

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