Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Mallipo Beach in coast national park

The Sky-Like the Ocean
Toward a Clear Blue Ocean and a Wide Beach...
The ocean moves with you when you face the beach. Race along the ocean when you face the beach.
The ocean becomes you, and you become the ocean when you face the beach.

The whistle can be heard while one is dreaming. The sea gulls are singing at Mallipo. My love ~~’These are the lyrics from Mallipo Love, a song sung by Park Gyeongwon.

The younger generation these days does not know the song, but it was once very popular. The background of this song is Mallipo Beach, the largest beach of Taean. At the end of the shops, there is a monument honoring Mallipo Love that inspires people to hum the song. Mallipo Beach opened in 1955. It is the most people to hum the song. Mallipo Beach opened in 1955.

 It is the most well known of the beaches in Taean-gun. Thick pine woods, silver sandy beaches shallow water… It reminds you of the clean beaches on the east coast. Dig up a little sand, and water seeps out. With so much water, you can see sweet briers at Mallipo. The bottom is not steep, and the water temperature is high, making it a great beach

Geography of Taean county
It is located 181km north-west of Daejeon, the capital city of Chungcheongnam-do, and 174km south-west of Seoul, the capital city of Korea.

The eastern end is at 126º26' where Inpyeong-ri, Taean-eup is located, whereas the western end is at 126º25' where Gyeokryeolbiyeoldo of Sinjindo-ri, Geunheung-myeon, is located. The northern end is at north lattitude 36º58' where Nae-ri, Iwon-myeon is located, whereas the southern end is at 36º23' where Gonam-ri, Gonam-myeon is located.

Taean-gun is a peninsula surrounded by the sea except on its eastern side. It has a coast national park, which is unique in Korea. The coastal length is 530.8km, where every corner of the coasts boast of exclusively unique scenery with more than 120 small and big islands scattered all over the area. The land areas feature low-mountain hills, where many parts of the mountain have been cultivated as rice or other crop fields. The rias have severely curved places where reclaimed lands are well developed.

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