Thursday, December 22, 2011

Busan Christmas Tree Festival

     Lighting the way for a fairytale end to the year
     The Busan Christmas Tree Festival, one of the city’s leading winter festivals,
     got under way on Dec. 1, transforming Gwangbokno (road) in Jung District into
     a seasonal getaway bedecked with decorative lights to suit the theme.

     Gwangbokno will remain in high festive spirits until January 9. During the festival,
     the district and its local environs will be covered with Christmas lighting,
     including one section that resembles an illuminated town in a fairytale.

    Additionally, the area will be painted white with artificial snow each night to create
    the kind of atmosphere that befits sprigs of mistletoe, coniferous trees festooned 
    with tinsel and party-goers gorging themselves on food and drink.

      This year’s theme is “A Peace of Light,” while the venue occupies
      a 1,160-meter-long stretch of road that runs from the Gwangbokno
      entrance of Lotte Department Store to the intersection next to Gukje Market.

      Meanwhile, an iconic 12-meter-tall Christmas tree has been set up
     on Gwangbokno square and decorative illuminations form a tunnel of light
      in the sky.

     The stage in front of the large tree will feature street performances
     at 7 p.m. and 9 p.m. weekday nights. Special performances are scheduled
     for weekends, as well as on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and December 31.
      Nearby cafes are also organizing concerts, plays and magic shows.

      Gwangbokno is full of people enjoying the bright seasonal lights on December 11.   
      The Busan Christmas Tree Festival runs until January 9.

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