Monday, December 12, 2011

JINJU, the city of beautiful river having history of a thousand years.

     Jinju is the most beautiful city of river.
    Well-matched name of Namgaram, the scene is very impressive.

Jinjuseong Fortress of the Holy Place of Loyalty.
constructed with stone , Jinjuseong Fortress is a representative tourist's attraction and historical site which represents the history and culture of Jinju.
Erected on the cliff of Namgang River , it was once a mud wall but rebuilt with stone
wall in the 5th year of King Woo;s reign (1379) of Gyoryeo Dynasty.
In 1592, General Kim si-min defeated about 20,000 Japances army with his 3,800 men,
which was one of the 3 great battles during the Japanese Invasion.

In the well managed parklike castle, there are Jinju National Meseum , Uigisa shrine, Pavilion of Yeongnampojeongsa , Imjindaecheop Gyeosasuneuidan,Changyeolsa,
Hoguksa Temple , Bukjangdae, Seojangdae, all of which show the real history and
attract the tourists in the beautiful surroundings.

CHOKSEONGNU PAVILION of pavilion erected on the cliff.
Erected graciously on the cliff of Namgang river, Chokseongnu pavilion is one of
3 great pavilion in Korea. It was in the 28th year of King Gojong in Gyoryeo danasty
(1241) and has been rebuilt 8 times. Harmonized with Namgang, Uiam Rock and
Jinjuseong Fortress Its the Famous scenic view out of the 8 Framous scenic views
un Jinju . Named Chokseongnu because of its location on the cliff, it was used as
a headquatter of commander during times of war and during times of peace, it was
a examination hall.

                                           Chokseongnu pavilion

                   The righteous place oh  Nongae - Uiam Rock

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