Wednesday, December 28, 2011

House of Choi Champan [Choichampandaek]in Hongdong county

Agyang Pyeongsa-ri, famous for the setting place of the great historical novel ‘Toji’ (written by Gyeung Ri Park), is the land favored from the Seomjin River. Sosangpalgyeong was sung of the beauty of Agyang and people are proud of the landscape filled with the Korean beauty of Dongjungho and Sosangpalgyeong of Agyang located in Pyeongsarideul.

In Pyeongsa-ri known widely as the background of the great historical novel (Toji) written by Gyeong Ri Park that is a great epic poem of the Korean race from the Donghak Revolution to the recent history, it is planned to buy the land with the size of more than three thousand pyeong and to display the fourteen Korean buildings completed in the end of year 2002 and the legacy containing the life pattern of our nation in the latter part of the Joseon dynasty, and the 1st Toji Literature Festival that is a literature festival of the literary men was held here in November 2001.

 Moreover, it will become a literature village by holding the 2nd Toji Literature Festival in October 2002, creative poem writing classes, and literature classes. Moreover, characters of two heroes in the novel were developed and are being sold as the product for tourists.

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