Saturday, January 7, 2012

The 25th polar Bear swimming competition of 2012 of Haeundae Busan

The 25th polar Bear swimming  competition of 2012, held by busan newspaper,
will begin in front of the event sqaure of Busan, Haeundae outdoor swimming pool on Sunday, January 8st 2012.

What is Polar Bear swimming competition ?
Just like the bear who enjoys swimming in cold, icy artic ocean, is an officail swimming
competition where we can enjoy swimming in cold weather.

This competition provides an opportunity to make an exciting memory for the participants, while presenting their health and beauty.
For the tourists, this is the most unique festival which provides many attractions of winter sea in Korea.

The polar Bear swimming competition started with 100 participants, with the commemoration of Seoul Olympic, 1988 in Westin Chosun hotel. After the year of 2000, it gained more popularity and became the very famous festival with more than 1000 competitions.

This competition had difficulty of operation atone time, facing crisis, but it developed into more stable competition  after Busan newspaper has taken it over in 2009.

In this year, the competition is already presenting its 24th event.
It will be presented with many various programs along with the concept aims for the best competition of East Asia of the winter. Yur can experience many things beyond your imagination. Please come and enjoy, and bring many memories with you.

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