Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Birthplace of President Kim Young-Sam

The house, situated at 1383-3, Oepo-ri jangmok-myeon in the city of Geojw, is the place where President Kim Young-Sam (Presidential term 1993-1998) was born. President Kim was born on 20 December 1927 and went to Oepo Jangmok Elementry school. In 1951, as a senior at Seoul National University, he married Son Mywong-Sun, a junior of Ewha women's University, and the newly married couple spent some time in the house.
Elected in Geoje as the youngest congressman in the history of Korea at age of 26, President Kim lead the fight for the democratization of the country for forty years, was elected congressman nine times and finally in 1993, launched the first civilian government. Until 1998 when he finished his term as President, President Kim devoted all of life to the Korean democracy.
the wooden house built in 1893 and four other buildings had become very old after more than one hundred years and general renovation was neccessary. In August 2000, Mr. Kim Hong-jo, father of President Kim Young-Sam, donated the house and its land to the city rebuilt the house as present, finishing construction on May 9 2001. In a total area of 536㎡ there are three tile-roofed wooden buildings . The stone embankment and the 130m wall have been constructed. The inscription on the main beam in the mail building was written by former President Kim. As seen from the house, located on the left mountain ridgeline, is the tomb of president Kim's Father, Mr.Kim Hong-jo and mother, Mrs.Park Bu-Yeon.

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