Tuesday, January 3, 2012

420 years ago, the naval port facilities of Sucheon city Korea.

Daebangjin Port Facilities

One of the naval port facilities established in the late Goryeo dynasty (918 ∼1392),
Under the command of the headguarters of Guraryang its task was repel the many
Japan pirates on the southern coast.

It was used by Admiral Yi soon shin during the Japan invasion of 1592.
The port's stone dike was only finished in 1820 during the reign of king Sunjo(1800 ∼1834). A military commander under Jinju adminisration completed the task by modilizing people living in 73 person (disticts). this naval base had communication
 with Jeokryangcheomsa on the island of Changseon in southern sea and more than
 300 navy solders and two War ships were stationed there at the time.

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