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Korean home food Kongnamul Kukbap[Bean Sprouts Soup ]

     Korean home Food & Drink

                         Korean  Kongnamul Kukbap[Bean Sprouts Soup ]

         Jeonju Kongnamulgukbap and Moju, for anytime of the day
         The Jeonju-produced Kongnamul is known as the best in Korea because the Jeonju soil is ideal
          for growing Kongnamul.

            The breed of beans for Jeonju Kongnamul is called the ‘mice eyes’ bean,
             and its soft texture is an ideal food for relieving hangovers.

             Historic records cite that Koreans long ago ate Kongnamul to relieve famines
               in the Goryo and Chosun dynasties.

               Detailed recipes for Kongnamul are seen in 1910, and tradition records that it first
               originated in Jeonju.
              The traditional Jeonju Kongnamul gukbap is made by boiling rice and kongnamul
               in a Tukbaeki (unglazed earthen pot)  with lots of seasonings. Instead of boiling,
                though, the hot soup can be added instead to the bowl of rice,
               which is Nambusijang-style gukbap.These two different types of gukbap are popular
                with drinkers of alcohol  in Jeonju.

               These gukbaps are low in cost, relieve hangovers and take the edge of hunger for families,
              working class people and friends.

Name of the Restaurant : Hyundaiok
Telephone Number : 82-63-282-7214
Menu : Kongnamul Gukbap
Location : Within Nambu Market
Price (Won) : 5,000

5,000원으로 추운 아침을 따끈따끈하게 해주는 현대옥 전주콩나물국밥

Name of the Restaurant : Darae Kongnamulgukbap
Telephone Number : 82-63-288-6962
Menu : Kongnamul Gukbap
Location : Wansan-gu Gyeongwo-dong
Price (Won) : 5,000

Name of the Restaurant : Dongmoon jip
Telephone Number : 82-63-284-3339
Menu : Kongnamul Gukbap
Location : Wansan-gu Gyeongwon-dong
Price (Won) : 5,000

전주콩나물국밥 건데기 안주에
모주 한잔이면 기분좋은 집 동문원 view 발행

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