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Mireuksa- Temple, the biggest temple of Baekje kingdom[AD600-641]

Mireuksaaji, the biggest temple of Baekje

'Samgukyusa' records the first construction of Mireuksa Temple which had been the biggest temple of Baekje kingdom. Madong who became the king after marring to the daughter of Shilla kingdom, King Moo(The 30th King of Baekje ruled the country during A.D. 600~641) had been on his way to visit a famous monk Jimyeong Great Monk in Saja-sa temple with the Queen. Then suddenly three mireuk Budda's came out of a pond and this led to the founding of Mireuksa. King Jinpyeong of Shilla sent many engineers for the construction of Mireuksa Temple; Therefore, we can know that the Mireuksa Temple must have been built with all technologies from three Kingdoms.


Another Mireuksaji relics, Mireuksaji stone pagoda and Dangganjiju

Mireuksaji has two interesting relics for visitors. One thing is Mireuksaji Stone Pagoda and the other is Mireuksaji Dangganjiju. Mireuksaji stone pagoda is national treasure number. 11 and the oldest and the highest stone pagoda in Korea. It was supposed that the east pagoda of Mireuksaji was not wooden but stone by survey of Mahan & Baekje culture Institute, Wonkwang University from 1974 to 1975. So we can know the fact that Mireuksaji is east-west double pagoda. And east pagoda was supposed to a 9 floors by excavation. So it was restored to 9 floors(Height 27.67m) in 1993. The reason to regard this stone pagoda as the best stone pagoda is that the form of the pagoda fully reproduces the beautiful parts of wooden pagoda by using stone instead of wood . Dangganjiju is the pillar which is built on either side of danggan to support danggan, namely jiju. It seems that it was made before mid unified Silla.


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