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The Mt. Mai looks like a horse's ear & mystery of Stone Pagoda Group

The 100 million year old mystery is pleasing to the senses. Mai Mountain! was easily overlooked with the simple story that the mountain looks like a horse's ear without acknowledging its mysterys, legends and histories of nature kept in it. Mai Mountain, the only double peaked mountain in the world, is at the center of Jinan Heights on the boundary of the Noryeong Mountains, approximately 32km to the east of Jeonju and 3km to the southeast of Jinan-Eup. The whole mountain consists of the sedimentary rocks. The female Mai peak of 673m and the male Mai peak of 667m form the backbone of the Geumgang and Seomjingang rivers.

Mai Mountain Stone Pagoda Group
If the culmination of mystery made by the nature is Ai Mountain, the summit of mystery made by the people will be Cheonjitap and stone pagodas made of natural stone. The pagoda group under the cliff south of the female Maibong Peak was built by arranging the stones by Paljindobeop drawing in accordance with the harmony of Yin and Yang. The pagodas show the culmination of harmony, sophisticated like an awl and elegant like a big mountain and stand row after row with the main pagoda, Cheonjitap Pagoda, as the summit. The Cheonjitap Pagoda is also a couple pagoda. The pagodas were built based on the Yin and Yang philosophy. The construction of Yin and Yang pagodas on the Yin and Yang Mountain includes a mystery that can't be called an accident.
                             The water drawn from the well and daybreak forms inversed ice pillar.
                              this kind of mystery until now not yet be solved.

Tour and Hiking Paths

* Major Paths
Deokcheongyo Bridge ~ Gwangdaebong Peak ~ Bondgubong Peak ~ Tapsa: 8.4km
Hapmiseong (Wolwun) ~ Gwangdaebong Peak ~ Bondgubong Peak ~ Tapsa: 8.5km
Boheungsa Temple ~ Gogeumdang ~ North Parking Lot: 5.4km
South Parking Lot ~ Seonghwangdang ~ North Parking Lot: 3.1km
North Parking Lot ~ Gwangdaebong Peak ~ Hapmiseong (Wolwun): 8.0km
North Parking Lot ~ Seonghwangdang ~ Geumdangsa: 2.2km
South Parking Lot ~ Gwangdaebong Peak ~ Deokcheongyo Bridge: 5.9km
South Parking Lot ~ Gwangdaebong Peak ~ Hapmiseong (Wolwun): 6.1km
North Parking Lot ~ Gwangdaebong Peak ~ Deokcheongyo Bridge: 7.8km
North Parking Lot ~ Seonghwangdang ~ Tapyeongje: 1.7km

* Notices (Hiking Path Closed)
Cheonhwangmun Gate ~ Female Mai Peak of 0.6km and Top of Muntanggol (Bongdubong Peak ~ Tapsa) ~ Cheonghwangmun Gate Remember the hiking path of 0.9m is closed for the restoration of vegetation in Female Mai Peak.

For further information or inquiry, please contact the Mai Mountain Provincial Park Administration Office (82 -63-433-3313, 82- 63-430-2556).

* Those that enter the closed hiking path without permission will face a penalty of no more than 500,000 won in accordance with Clause 2, Article 86, Natural Park Act.

* The following paths are open for hiking

Hiking (Tour) Paths

General Paths (more than 98% of tourists take the following paths)

North Parking Lot -> Cheonghwangmun Gate (Hwaeomgul Cave) -> Eunsusa Temple -> Tapsa -> Tapyeongje -> Geumdangsa Temple -> South Parking Lot : 2.7km (1 1/2 to 2 hours required)

South Parking Lot -> North Parking Lot: follow the route above in reverse order.

North Parking Lot -> Cheonghwangmun Gate -> Eunsusa Temple -> Tapsa -> Cheonghwangmun Gate -> North Parking Lot : 2.4km (1 1/2 to 2 hours required)

# Tourists who have parked in the north parking lot can return from Tapsa, and those parked in the south parking lot can retrace their path from Tapsa or Eunsusa Temple. Tourists using buses start in the south parking lot and return to the north parking lot, or go to the south parking lot when starting from the north parking lot.

Maintained Hiking Paths
General Paths (always open)

South Parking Lot ->Gogeumdang -> Observatory (Biryongdae) -> Seonghwangdang -> Bongdubong Peak -> Tapsa -> Eunsusa Temple -> Cheonghwangmun -> North Parking Lot : 4.7km (3 1/2 to 4 hours required)

Tapsa -> South Parking Lot: 5.0km

Seonghwangdang -> North Parking Lot : 3.1km

To get to Tapsa without passing the Bongdubong Peak, go down along the Tapyeongje milepost and continue on to Tapsa.

# Tapsa -> South Parking Lot: 1.5km, Tapsa -> North Parking Lot: 1.2km

This hiking path is maintained so that seniors and children can easily use this path. This path is the best one to appreciate the mysterious scenery of Mai Mountain in the congenial environment. A number of people take this path.

The scenery in which the rocks and the forest are harmonized reminds us of a Korean painting. The mysterious scenery is different every season.

In particular, the mysterious scenery of Mai Mountain along with the glorious tints of autumn foliage is beautiful and stands comparison with any place.

Furthermore, when you are on Biryongdae (observatory) on the hiking path, the open view makes even your heart cool. The breeze cools you even during the hot summer.

Long-Distance Hiking

Maryeong (Wongangjeong) -> Boheungsa Temple -> Gwangdaebong Peak -> Gogeumdang -> South Parking Lot: 5.0km (3 to 3 1/2hours required) -Closed during the forest fire prevention campaign period

ogeumdang -> Observatory -> Bongdubong Peak -> Tapsa: 7.3km

Hapmiseong -> Gwangdaebong Peak -> Gogeumdang (Closed during the forest fire prevention campaign period) -> Observatory -> Bongdubong Peak -> Tapsa -> South Parking Lot: 9.9km ( 6 to 7 hours required)

Deokcheongyo Bridge -> Taejagul Cave -> Gwangdaebong Peak (3.1km) -> Same as above(Closed during the forest fire prevention campaign period)

# The time required for an adult hiker is 1.5 to 2.0 km per hour.

This path is mainly for the expert hikers. It's too long for the general visitors.

However, when you go up Gwangdaebong Peak, you will have a bird's eye view of the southern region of Jinan. When you look at the Mai Mountain while hiking from Gwangdaebong Peak to Gogeumdang, the scene changes depending on where you stand. The mysterious scene is comparable to that of Seorak Mountain.

In autumn, the autumn foliage, rocks and Mai Mountain in harmony evoke exclamations from those who look at them. It's relatively easy to climb with the exception of Gwangdaebong Peak which requires a climbing rope. The elderly and small children should avoid this path. The Boheungsa Temple course is a good choice for general climbers. Since several paths are closed during the Spring and Fall Forest Fire Prevention Campaign period, you need to check if the path is open in advance

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