Monday, February 7, 2011

Captain Broughton's Journal in the British Royal Navey

This trail goes from Gwangalli Beach via Ligidae Headland , Sinseondae Cliff and the UN Memorial Cemetery to Jaseongdae. Form Gwangalli Beach , follow the coast past two apartment complexes and pick up the coastal trail in Yongho-dong. The coastal path at Ligidae dffers hikers fine views of Gwangan Bridge, Dongbaekseom, and haeundae. You will have a good view of the Oryudo islets, the North port, and jodo and yeomgdo islands from the top of Sinseondae Cliff.

The route leading to Jaseongdae goes via the UN Memorial Cemetery of korea (UNMCK), Pusan university of foreign studies, Seong-ji high school, Jang pass and Munhyeon intersection. ( 23.2 km / 8hours)

Sinseondae , meaning " playground of immortal)sinseon)," is told to have been so named, because of the legend that Choe Chi-won (857- ?), a renowned scholar of the late Silla period , was transformed into an immortal and enjoyed himself in this place. It is further said that fooprints of the immortal and thier white horses can be seen on a great rock called Mujedeung on the top of the mountain mortal playing each other.

Spectacular scenic views can be seen from this place, and on a clear day Tsushima islands of Japan are visible to the naked eyes. Just below of the area lie Oryukdo Islets and Jodo Isle.

Captain Broughton's Journal
Early in the morning we were surrounded by boats full of men, women, and children, whose curiosity had brought them off to see the strange vessel. They were universally clothed in linen garments made loose jackets and trowsers, quilted or doubled and some of them wore large loose gowns, The women had a short petticont over their trowsers and both sexes,linen boots, with sandals made of rice straw.

The men wore their hair in a knot tied up to the crown, and the women had thiers twisted and plaited round thier heads.

We went on shore to ascend the high land near us to the south,and from thence to take some bearing . Our view from the top was very extensive :and we saw distinctly over every part of the harbour.

Our angles were however useless, the needle being so strongly affected as to point east instead of North, owing to some magnetic power in the mountain, which would not admit the needle pointing true in any situation, I named this abrupt high head-land Magnetic Head from its affecting our compass needles.

The Royal Chronicle of Chosun Dynasty
20th year of King Jungjo on 6 september 1797 ( Lunar calendar)

On the day of Imshin, the Governor of Kyongsang province, Lee hyong-won , came running and reported the followinf in writing, A ship from an unknown country arrived off the yong-Dang-Po bay , Dongnae county, after having drifted at sea.

They were all high nosed and blue eyed, When they were asked to answer the name of thier country and how they managed to arrive at a korean shore after having drifted, they neither knew nor understood any Korean, Chines, Japanese or Mongolian. We provided them with a brush to write and thier writing resembled mountains covered with cloud.
Though pictures were drawn, we still could not understand each other.

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