Thursday, February 17, 2011

Villa and Pavilion of the late first president YiSeungman of korea

These buildings comprise the villa and paviion of Yi Seungman (1875-1965 , president 1948-1960), the first president of the republic of Korea. The original owner of the villa is unkown. It was used for the Japanese army during the colonial period(1910-1945) and then taken over by the Korean navy in 1945 to be reconstructed as avilla for the president.

It was repaired in 1979 by the late president Park jeonghi (1917-1979, pres.1963-1979). It was constructed in a " ㄱ"arrangement mixing korean architectural style with western. There are reception and working rooms, a bedroom,a room for bodyguards and a conference room. Below the villa are a fishing site and pier.

On the shore cliff approximately 50 meters west of the villa is a hexagonal pavilion which measures 10 square meters. At this pavilion, president Yi and the president of Rresident of Republic of china,Chiang kai-shek, proposed to Quirino, the president of the Philippines,to hold a preliminary meetimg for organizing the Pacific Union. There buildings are of historical significance in that they played an important role in the political history of the pacific region as well as contemporary history of korea.

Gyeongsangnam-do , jihae -gu, hyeon-dong , Gyeongsangnam-do , Tangible cultural property no 265.

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