Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Life's stories craved by a Knife

he is an artist,but he isn't interested in painting stills. He wants to reflect the qualitg and the meaning that an object has, not just by making the picture plane with it's shapes . The lines made by the knives can create an object. Eventurally the object is revealed to our eyes.

                                         < Western painting Artist  IN-JU KANG >

It's not clear at first, with a little focus our eyes can clearly see his art. It reminds the artist ofa story he wants to share with us. The art is not pleasure for the moment, but rather a mature a emotion that we can continue to feel day after day. As artists, there is astring attached to his works.

A fate or inevitabilitg between an artist and his work. Before talking about his works, the artist wants to express his life through the painted lines he makes by scraping the canvas with his knife. His whole life has been painting.

His strenght to continue painting as his only livelihood is expressed in his works walking only one way.

There is a scenery coating the artist's attention around the atelier. Faint and old it couldn't be for gotten forever. At this age in life,an image can overlap with other lives. in that, we feel emotion and empathize the life of the artist. He wants to depict a phase from the storm to put the true nature of the pureness of life as if an artist's mind condition may be spoken. And his work could be born again as a strong masterpiece. His works represents his philosophy that is expressed with friendly aspect for life.

He says what is our life? We can see his attitude about his life, that he can embrace everything warmly in his works. He seems to say what our life is with all of his heart. Life,it must endure with a long life,just like the process of his work.

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