Friday, February 11, 2011

Heaven on earth for fans of grilled meat (korean food pork galbi)

delicious Busan  Pork Galbi Street

Heaven on earth for fans of grilled meat

Some of the most famous pork galbi restaurants in town

are all on one street

Choryang Pork Galbi Street

One of Busan’s most famous eating destinations is the Choryang Pork Galbi Street.

This popular strip has a history dating back half a century and features everything from samgyeopsal to boiled pork and various kinds of pork galbi, of course.

The most popular dish is the seasoned pork galbi.

In the 1960s, there were just three places serving up pork galbi.

By 1995, there were 35 restaurants featuring this Korean staple.

Since then, the number of restaurants has decreased and now there are about 25 places, but the area still holds its reputation as the place to go in town for pork galbi.

The famous versions offered here include a ton of garlic, a favorite of Koreans, as well as unique seasonings.

If you’ve got a hankering for pork galbi, don’t hesitate to head here.

The price is also reasonable, costing just 6,000 won ($5) per serving.

Location: Choryang-dong, Dong District

How to get there: Subway line No. 1, Choryang Station, exit 7. Walk 500 meters.

Seomyeon Pork Galbi Street

Behind the former Dongbo Book Store in Seomyeon and up near the area littered with tool shops, you can find an array of restaurants known for pork dishes grilled over a charcoal fire.

This part of town is particularly bustling on weekend evenings, when it’s packed with plenty of people both young and old.

The pork back galbi for 6,000 won is a real treat, and the rib meat falls right off the bone, combining spicy, sweet and sour tastes all at once.

It’s a great place to share a couple bottles of soju and dine on succulent samgyeopsal on summer nights, where you can sit at tables outside and enjoy your meal under the stars.

Location: Bujeon 2-dong, Busanjin District

How to get there: Subway line No. 1 to Seomyeon Station, exit 6. Five-minute walk from the station.

Nampo-dong Galbi Street

This strip is a favorite of Japanese tourists, who come to indulge in not only pork galbi but also beef ribs.

The area, located near Gukje Market Meokja Street by PIFF Square, is a famous tourism spot among foreigners and those visiting in large groups.

The sweet sauce slathered on the galbi here is highly addictive, and the meat is always tender and moist.

Servings can be had for 6,000 won or 7,000 won.

Location : Nampo-dong, Jung District

How to get there: Subway line No. 1, Jagalchi Station


When it comes to pork, Busan leads the pack in Korea. The city has developed a rich tradition in preparing savory pork dishes ranging from authentic pork gukbap, pork rib, pork duruchigi, pork gamjatang, steamed pork head meat, pork organs and pork hock (jokbal). And then there’s a wide variety of samgyeopsal, which comes with an array of different seasonings and sauces.

The best places to sample these delights are the various themed streets that are lined with restaurants serving up a particular type of pork dish, such as galbi or ribs.

When you’re in the mood for pork ribs or pork galbi, head on down to the streets that have become famous for these specialties. The photograph shows pork galbi served at Choryang Pork Galbi Street.

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