Friday, March 16, 2012

GATBAWI of 8 best sights in Mokpo city.

                                       GATBAWI  of  8 best sights in  Mokpo city.

                      Gatbawi is called IpAmBanJo(scene of gatbawi with the sunset) from old times,
                       and was beloved as 8 best sights of  Mokpo.

                      GATBAWIis a pair of rocks which looks loke a two people wearing
                           SATGAT standing together.
                     GATBAWI has incredible geological value by showing erosion from wave,
                        ocean current etc and rock altering from the effects of air, water etc.

                        Also, gatbawi is the natural sculpture, tafoni, without any artificial factors
                          and has a rarity that can not be found in other area's tafonis.

In 2009 April 27th, it was registered as the 500th natural monuments
of natural historic places.

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