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The Namwon wanghallu Garden permeated with the Chunhyang love !

Namwon is the hometown of Chunhyang (a virtuous woman, the daughter of an entertainer during
the Joseon Dynasty) and the home of the classic folk drama Chunhyang.
Namwon's generous people and chastity customs created the Chunhyang story,
the nation's time-honored favorite love story.

We offer Chunhyang tours through the country's quintessential garden,
the Namwon Gwanghallu Garden, and sites permeated with the Chunhyang love.

Gwanghallu Garden (광안루)
This is the country's classic traditional garden built as a symbol of the universe.
Nearby, the garden offers Ojak Bridge, as well as a lake with three mountain
deities symbolizing Yeongju (Mt. Halla), Bongnae (Mt. Geumgang) and Bangjang (Mt. Jiri). According to legend, on every July 7th of the lunar calendar, thousands of crows come together and make
 the Ojak Bridge to allow the Altair and the Weaver to meet each other,
and then Chunhyang and her fiance Lee Mong-ryong have a romantic rendezvous on the bridge,
thus completing its construction (historical relic No. 303)

Cheongheobu Gate
This is the main gate of the Gwanghallu Garden and represents the entrance to the Moon Place.
Symbolically, the moment you pass through the gate, you leave behind the earthly world
and set your foot on the celestial world.

Wanwoljeong Pavilion
This pavilion is built on a pond as people longed for the celestial life and wanted to enjoy the moon.
The pavilion faces toward the east where the moon rises.
Namwon offers major events of the Chunhyang Festival here.

Chunhyang Shrine
This shrine was built in the bamboo forest in the memory of Chunhyang's spirit.
The bamboo symbolizes chastity. As you enter a gate with the letters 'dansim,
' meaning faithful mind, you will see a hanging board with the letters
'yeollyeo Chunhyangsa,' meaning “chaste Chunhyang shrine,” as well as a portrait of Chunhyang
that was painted by the painter Kim Eun-ho.

Wolmae's House
This includes the Buyongdang House and the Haengrangchae House where Chunhyang
and Lee Mongryong pledged their marriage.
It displays wax dolls showing the lifestyle and appliances of the time.
The house also presents their love oath plate and Lee Mong-ryong's resolution to pass
the high-profile civil service examination.
Visitors can also buy Chunhyang character products here.

Chunhyang Memorial Hall
This was constructed in 1992, and presents nine paintings by painter Paik Nam-jae,
as well as paintings and calligraphies,
and accessories and books showing Chunhyang' life and the lifestyle of her time.

    Ref. : 춘향과 이몽룡의 러브스토리 장소 남원 광안루!

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