Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Choi Family's Old House in Gyeongju !

   It is said that this house served as the head house of  Geongju Choi clam and was built around 1700.
   It consists of a Saranchae (men's living quarters or detached house) ,
   an Anche  ( women's living quarters or  main building,
  a Munganche ( servants' living quarters, a Sadang (shrine) and a Gobang (storage quarters),
  being well-situated on the grounds full of sunshine  alongside Namcheon  river and backed
  by the Wolseong Palace.

Originally , the house is said to have had 99 kan (the largest space granted to king's subject during the Joseon Dynasty) , but the Sarangche and  Byeoldang (detached annex used for a private village school )
were burnt in 1970, and now that remains is post stones.

Its shrine features a depth of surfaces, preserving the typical nole-class housing in the Joseon Dynasty
(1392-1910).  Since the Choi family settled in Gyo-dong during the middle of Joseon , they have kept
enormous wealth through 12 generation, practicung noblesse oblige and cultivating scholars in the 9 generations.

                                   Important folkole materials No.27
                                  Location : 69 Gyo-dong , Gyeongju, Gyeongsangbuk-do , korea.


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