Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Introduction of Seowoonam in Yangsan Tongdosa Temple

                                    Seowoonam (Temple)
                           Location : 583 Jisan-ri, Habuk-myeon, Yangsan City kyeongnam porvince
                          Phone: +82- 55-380-4823
                         Transportation: Use Gyeongbu Expressway Tongdosa (Temple) IC
                          ->Tongdosa (Temple)->Seowoonam (Temple) Seowoonam

                                     Introduction of Seowoonam  in Yangsan Tongdosa Temple

                            extended by Sungpa(monk) hosted 3,000 porcelain statues of Buddha
                           made of earth for 5 years since 1985, and recreated dyeing technique - Korean
                           traditional dyeing - once lost.

                          It succeeded in developing traditional soy-sauce adding herb medicines after
                          3 years of research.
                        It is also being utilized as a place of learning nature by creating 'Wild Flower Colony'
                         by planting about 100 kinds of wild flowers at nearby hills of Seowoonam (Temple)
                        with the size of 60,000m2.

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