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Yangdong historic Folk Village in Kyungju

                Yangdong Folk Village - Village Guide

Designated as important cultural property(Important folklore data 189) on December 24th, 1984
and surrounded by Mt. Soelchang in the north of Kyungju City, Yangdong is a historic noble village
 inherited for 500 years by Kyungju Son great head family and Yoeju Lee great head family.

The village is the biggest and representative one of the same family name in Chosun Dynasty,
20 km northeast from Kyungju City, located in beautiful natural environment,
 hundreds years old tile-roofed houses and low ston walls.

There are important folklore data such as Tongamsokpyun(National Treasure 283),
 Muchumdang(Treasure 411), Hyangdan(Treasure 412), Kwangajoeng(Treasure 422),
Sonso Yongjoeng(Treasure 1216) and 13 important folklore data designated by city
such as Soebackdang(Important folklore data 23), cultural properties designated by province
such as Sonso property distribution document(Kyungbuk Tangible Cultural Property 14) and
8 folk cultural properties designated by city such as Kyungsan Soedang(Folk Cultural Properties).

Visitors of the village would need Korean manners since the historic village is a rare noble village
 even in Korea.

There are no exact document since when people started to live in Yangdong Folk Village.
But it is believed to begin B.C. 4C according to archeologists' report that more than 100 stone
 coffin tombs which stems from the Bronze Age were on the hills of Mt. Sungju in the village.

Some patriarch level people are believed to had lived in the village around 4~5C in the period of the
Three States considering the fact that there were old tombs in the neighbor village Angyeri and Ohs
and Jangs of Asan are said to had formed a small village.

After that, Lee, bun who is Lee, Gwang ho's great grandson of a cousin and won Sungjong's favor married to the first daughter of Son, so and moved to here. Lee, Un jeok(1491-1553), the first son of them were born and Yangdong folk village is formed today by the Sons' and Lees'.

Village size and Natural Environment
The ridgeline and valley which stem from Munjangbong summit of Mt. Soelchang, the background and the guardian mountain of the village are forming 勿 type of geographical feature and there are rumors about the story.

As an instance, they dismissed Japan's plan to build a railroad through the village and turned Yangdong Elementary school facing south to east by saying that 勿 becomes 血(blood) by adding a stroke under it.

Yangdong folk village is a big village formed by four valleys, Naegok, Mulbongol, Goerim and Hachon, two ridgelines, Mulbong and Sujoldang and Galgudok and which has 500 year-old old houses and straw roofed houses with a thick forest.

One of the biggest characteristics of Yangdong village is that beautiful natural environment and houses are in such a good harmony and peaceful atmosphere created by birds.

Traffic Guide
Get on &offs : Get on at Kyungju Station → Get off at Yandong Village entrance → 1.2km from village entrance to village by foot

Bus Number : Take 200, 201-208, 212, 217 Bus at Kyungju Station (7 minute interval, Takes 40 minutes) →Get off at Yangdong village entrance → 1.2km to village by foot

Bus Company : Chunma Traffic 82-54-776-8905, Hanil Traffic 82-54-772-4885

Passenger Car
Kyungbu Highway Youngchun I.C →Downtown of Youngchun → Take 28 national highway to Angang for 34km Entrance → Turn right and drive 1.2km → Yangdong Village

Take national highway 7 from Gyungju Station to Pohang, drive 19km → Proceed 2km after taking national highway 28 from Gangdong I.C to Angang →Turn right at the entrance of Yangdong village(Gangdong Bridge 2) and proceed 1.2km → Yangdong Village

Pohang Airport 19km, Ulsan Airport 52km
Korean Air 82-1588-2001, Asiana Airline 82-1588-8000

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