Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Cheolipo Arboretum in Taean county of south korea

     This arboretum is operated through a personal fund   
     established by Min Byeonggal (originally Carl Ferris 
       Miller, he became Korean citizen in 1979).

    7,000 species gathered from 60 countries are 
     displayed  here. The place is even more famous overseas.

Since Cheollipo Arboretum is run for academic purposes, it is only open
to those with educational and research intentions.

Only members are allowed, so if you're not a member, call and inquire...

Geography 0f Taean county

It is located 181km north-west of Daejeon, the capital city of Chungcheongnam-do,
and 174km south-west of Seoul, the capital city of Korea.

The eastern end is at 126º26' where Inpyeong-ri, Taean-eup is located,
whereas the western end is at 126º25' where Gyeokryeolbiyeoldo of Sinjindo-ri,
Geunheung-myeon, is located.

The northern end is at north lattitude 36º58' where Nae-ri, Iwon-myeon is located,
whereas the southern end is at 36º23' where Gonam-ri, Gonam-myeon is located.
Taean-gun is a peninsula surrounded by the sea except on its eastern side.
It has a coast national park, which is unique in Korea.

The coastal length is 530.8km, where every corner of the coasts boast of exclusively unique scenery with more than 120 small and big islands scattered all over the area.
The land areas feature low-mountain hills, where many parts of the mountain have been cultivated  as rice or other crop fields. The rias have severely curved places
where reclaimed lands are well developed.

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