Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Food Let's Take a Tasty Trip in Taean county

      Streamed Crab. Crab Stew

     Taean crab has a thick shell and a better taste than the crab from other regions.  
     Steamed crab melts in your mouth and is loved by people of all ages.
     Crabs are generally caught between March and the end of june and between 
     September and December. Breeding season is between May and September.

     About a million eggs are laid at once. Crabs are high in protein and low in calories. 
    They are high in amino acids and also have high concentrations of calcium and 
     Vitamin D. Crab meat ha taurin, which reduces cholesterol. It helps maintain blood
     pressure, and it can also help prevent bad eyesight.

A specialty found only in Taean Milguk Nakji

 Squash pulp and small octopus soup is a specialty only found in Taean. Milguk Nakjitang is made with small octopus (sebalnakji) caught in June and July.

 It is the best of the small octopus soups.
 The small octopus is cooked whole with squash pulp added to give it a savory taste. The cooked octopus is taken out and milguk is added to the broth, giving it a unique taste.

        *Because “sebal-“ in sebalnakji means three legs, you might think it
         only as three legs, but it is called so for being thin, not for having three legs

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