Monday, June 6, 2011

Mallipo Beach in Taean county of chungnam province korea

The whistle can be heard while one is dreaming.
 The sea gulls are singing at Mallipo. My love ~~’These are the lyrics from Mallipo Love, a song sung by Park Gyeongwon.

The younger generation these days does not know the song, but it was once very popular. The background of this song is Mallipo Beach, the largest beach of Taean. At the end of the shops, there is a monument honoring Mallipo Love that inspires people to hum the song.

 Mallipo Beach opened in 1955.
It is the most people to hum the song. Mallipo Beach opened in 1955. It is the most well known of the beaches in Taean-gun. Thick pine woods, silver sandy beaches shallow water… It reminds you of the clean beaches on the east coast. Dig up a little sand, and water seeps out. With so much water, you can see sweet briers at Mallipo. The bottom is not steep, and the water temperature is high, making it a great beach

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