Thursday, June 9, 2011

Kkotji seashore and kkotdari bridge in Anmyeondo of Chungnam korea

This beach is located on Kkotji seashore 4gu Seungeon-ri where is about 4km away from the seat of a Seungeon-ri Anmyeon-eup office in the south west, the length of shoreline is about 5km long which is second to Sambong swimming beach.

The sands of Anmyeondo beach are all silica which is the raw material used to make glass, so Kkotji beach is also composed of silica sands and the sea and mountain are all mineral resources.

Because the difference between the rise and fall of the tide is wide but the slope is gentle, it is safe to swim and the water is clean with suitable temperature, you can enjoy see-bathing to late summer.

There is Bangpo Port, you can try fresh sashimi and Grandmother Rock and Grandfather Rock are standing and seeing Kkotji swimming beach with a sad legend like a chief of gatekeepers at this beach. Since Kkotji beach has wide seashore and port, it is excellent for not only sea-bathing in summer but also silent sea walk course in autumn and winter.

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