Thursday, June 2, 2011

Life's stories carved by a knife [Artist InJoo,kang ]

His name is In Joo Kang . Born in Sacheon city kyungnam province of south korea.
Graduate from Hong-ik university in incheon city ( Major in western paintings).

He is an artist, but he isn't interested in painting stills. He wants to reflect the qualitg and the meaning that an object has, not just by making the picture plane with it's shapes.
The lines made by the knifes can create an object. Eventually the object is revealed to
our eyes.

It's not clear at first. with a little focus our eyes can clearly see his art. It reminds the
artist of a story he wants to share with us. The art is not pleasure for the moment, but
rather a mature emotion that we can continue to feel day after day. As artists, there is a string attached to his works.

A fate or inevitabilitg between an artist and his work. Before talking about his works,
the artist wants to express his life through the painted lines he makes by scraping the
canvas with his knife.

His whole life has been painting. His strenght to continue as his only livelihood is
expressed in his works walkig only one way. There is a scenery catching the artist's
attention around the atelier. Faint and old it couldn't be for gotten forever.

At this age in life, an image can overlap with other lives. In that, we feel emotion and
empathize the life of the artist. He wants to depict a phase from thw storm to the true
nature of the pureness of life as if an artist's mind condition may be spoken.

And his work could be born again as a strong masterpiece. His works represents his
philosophy that is expressed with friendly aspect for life.

He says what is our life?
We can see his attitude about his life. That he can embrace everything warmly in his
works. He seems to say what our life is with all of his heart. Life, it must endure with a
long life, just like the process of his work.

Blography of Artist  In Joo Kang
* 1st personal Art Exhibition in 1984
*2nd personal Art Exhibition in 1986
*3rd personal Art Exhibition at Han-il Gallery in 1989
* Private Exhibition at international Gallery , Tokyo, Japan in 1990
* 4th  personal Art Exhibition at Gaya Gallery, Jinju in  1991
*Private Exhibition at Busan Dentist's association Forum in 1992
*5th personal Art Exhibition at Taehwa Department store in 1992
* Peace -artistic prize in 1993
*Grand prize at international Art creative Exhibition
*6th personal Art Exhibition at Dongseo Gallery in 1994
*Private Exhibition at Busan Times "aid the paper-boy "in 1995
*Silver prize at Republe of korea Grand Art Exhibition.
*7th Personal Exhibition at Busan Times , Bu-il Gallery in 1997
*Privete Exhibition at Busan dentist's association forum in 1999
*8th Personal Exhibition at Lotte Gallery , Seoul in 1999
*9th Personal Exhibition at Won-Ang Art hall in 2000
* Private Exhibition at Busan university hospital in 2002
*10th Personal Exhibition at Hyundai Department store,Busan in 2002
*11th Personal Exhibition at Kyung-in Art museum,Seoul in 2004
*12th  Personal Exhibition at Lotte Department store, Busan in 2005
*13th Personal Exhibition at Kyung-in Art museum , Seoul in 2006
*14th Personal Exhibition at Lotte Department store, Busan in 2007
*Sketch along the trace of the tattoo ( Germany,Swiss,France, Spain)
*15th Personal Exhibition at Kyung-in Art museum,Seoul in 2008
*16th Personal Exhibition at Lotte Department store, Busan in 2009
* Specicially planned invitational  exhibition for 17th Anniversary of korea, Mongolia.
*17th Personal Exhibition at Kyung-in Art museum,Seoul in 2010
* Invitaional exhibition of Sungbo museum in Haein Tample and invitional exhibition
   of Italy sketch, Seoul modern Art show of Yangjae Art center )
*currently member in korea-Mongolia association, korea Art association.

Adress; InJoo Kang Artilere , 667-11 . samjung -dong, gimhae city, Gyungnam province  ,south korea . phone number +82-11-841-4812 , E-Mail

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