Friday, August 19, 2011

Cultural art performance at Taejongdae Yeongdo lighthouse

Taejongdae Yeongdo lighthouse has been transformed into a vibrant cultural space.
The Busan Convention & Visitors Bureau and the Busan Regional Maritime Affairs & Port Office are now hosting regular performances at the lighthouse’s Yeongdo Lighthouse Maritime Cultural Space.

The performances include classical recitals, Korean traditional music and plays. On April 30, the lighthouse provided a stage for Saratomi (Do Jin-mi), a Busan-born fusion violinist who is making waves in Latin America with her boisterous stage manner. Saratomi performed a fusion violin concert to the rapturous approval of her Busan audience.

Locals and visitors can enjoy the performances for free. In May, Theater Doggaebee is presenting the play “Gaetmaeul (a seaside village)” and in June the Ilpa Gayageum Ensemble will perform the “Strong Vibration of Traditional Percussion.”

In July the Busan Metropolitan Pops Orchestra will be offering a “Pleasant Meeting with Classical,” while in August, Gaia will be performing “Finding our Traditional Folk Melody.” In September the “Banquet of Classic” will be arriving, while October will see the “Autumn scent of Korean traditional music” from fusion Korean music group Ibiya.

First constructed in 2004, the Yeongdo Lighthouse Maritime Cultural Space is now used to stage a wide range of enticing cultural events. Last year, the exhibitions and concerts held at the Yeongdo Lighthouse Maritime Cultural Space welcomed around 60,000 visitors.

Tips: Nearby attractions
* Taejongdae Resort Park
Taejongdae is designated as the city’s symbol scenic spot. It is especially famous for its rock beach. Sinseonbawi (Supernatural Being Rock) and Mangbuseok (Deceased Husband Rock) adorn the park like sculptures. Strolling along the walkway with its breathtaking shore views, you’ll want to shout out in awestruck admiration.

* Yeongdo Lighthouse Maritime Cultural Space
Yeongdo Lighthouse Maritime Cultural Space is where the romance of the sea and art co-exist. The lighthouse lights up three times every 18 seconds, guiding boats and lighting the way amid the darkest of fogs. The lighthouse is open to all visitors, including a top floor that affords a wondrous view of Taejongdae.

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