Saturday, August 27, 2011

Thermoelectric '9 days' Daegu IAAF World Championships Opening

World's third largest sporting event, the 13th World Athletics Championships in Daegu, indicating that the official opening of the opening ceremony was held. World Championships to represent the players will sunoteul nine days to Dalgubul.

27 days 18:00 13:30 Daegu Stadium   Daegu World Championships in Athletics that began in the opening ceremony of the President Lee Myung-bak and amine diak International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) president Jacques Rogge and the International Olympic Committee (IOC), which was attended by Chairman of grand has been paid.

The opening ceremony of the 'bar - polished - kkaeum - Arial - Float' was conducted in five subjects. In step a collection of pre-dinner event 'national runner' Feng and the tournament mascot, and prevent the emergence sapsalgae opened.

The following is decorated with an abstract symbol of the seed of Dream Land pungdeungyi enveloped Daegu Stadium. Since then, the two women to symbolize the dynamism of 'trim extraneous' This led the field in the middle of a 88 person orchestra to play along to the sound of two dadeumyi pyeolchyeotda

Flag all participating riders had appeared on the track gimyeeum (11, Daegu, Young Shin highschool) amount of original national anthem began, the official opening ceremony. Speech of Chairman of the Organizing johaenyeong and IAAF President Lamine diak Following President Lee Myung-bak of the large companies announced the official opening.

1936 Berlin Olympic marathon gold medalist and led the stage to honor the players songijeong gimgeunyoung (12, Daegu, Dasa Elementary School) songijeong group dedicated to the player honors.
Korea's world-class soprano Sumi Jo seniors a 'son of the Moon' and call for further mureuikeotda the Opening Ceremony.

Insun followed by two singers and songs hagakui As the night sky, fireworks, colorful embroidered cod.

Beginning with the opening ceremony, who announced a full-fledged from the Daegu World Athletics Championships next month, four days, nine days is in progress.

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