Friday, August 19, 2011

Tumuli in Nodong-ri , Gyeongju

Many of ancient tombs from the Silla period are scattered in the northeast area to the west of Wolseong.

Among these tombs, a group of tombs on the edge of the westnorth area can be divided into two groups by the crossing road ; tombs at Nodong-ri and tombs at noseo-ri.

At Nodong-ri , there are one ancient tomb and two tomb sites.
The tomb called Bongwhangdae is the largest tomb in korea. The circumference of the mound at bottom is 250m , its diameter 82m and its height 22m .

In the southern area, there are two burial sites; Geumyeongchong and Siknichong excavated in 1924. The structure of the burial chamber is the same in the tombs and consists of a wooden coffin piled with stones. In 1924, a gold crown, a horseman in clay and other relics were excavated from Geumyconchong.

Historic site No.35, Location :261 , Nodong-dong ,Gyeongju-city ,Gyeongsangbuk-do, korea

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