Friday, August 26, 2011

Edna Kipeulragat women's marathon, the first gold medal competition in Kenya

Edna kipeulragat of the women's marathon (Kenya)
 2011 Daegu IAAF World Championships was the hero of the first gold medal.

Kipeulragat the first day of the 27th Congress in the women's marathon record of 2 hours 28 minutes 43 seconds rose to the top. Kipeulragat followed pre-ska jepeutu, syeron cheropeu (more Kenya) 2 hours 29 minutes 00 seconds, respectively, 2 hours 29 minutes 14 seconds Kenya coming in with record gold, silver, bronze and Team gold medal Sweeping also won.

Marathon contest, take the wheel of the Treasury to compensate Athletic Park Back to the starting line and back section of 15km round trip twice, and the remaining distance running intervals shorten the so-called 'dodolyipyo' course.

30km from the opportunity to point seondugwon yeotbodeon colleague after kipeulragateun jepeutu, forming the leading group, along with cheropeu came beating. Kipeulragatui over 35km point spurt began. Jeff kipeulragateun 40km point-to-pass-through to win by 9 seconds in the first final, and eventually broke the tape.

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