Friday, August 19, 2011

Jakwongwan site in Miryang city

   Jakwongwan was the accomodations facilities and inspection station built at the  
   intersection of the north -south and east-west roads, the center of the transportion
    in the Yeoungnam area.

Accomodations for traveling officers were called Won in the Joseon dynasty (1392-1910) and the place to control common people was called Gwan. Jakwongwan was inspecting people. It also had the task of defending against the Wae coming from the southern sea.

People and goods passing throuth the dock, Jakwonjin at the Nakdong River were inspected here and this place is also famous as the historic site where, prepared for death, the administrator of Miryang, General Bak Jin, fought the Wae. there used to
 only be a monument indicating the site, but in 1995 the Jakwongwan gate was rebuilt.

        Jakwongwan site is Gyeongsangnam-do cultural Material no.73.
        Adress : Gyeongsangnam-do Miryang-city Samrangjin-eop Geomse-ri

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