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Budget Tour. "Sightseeing on the Most Frequented Streets of Busan!”

Budget Tour. “Sightseeing on the Most Frequented Streets of Busan!”

Oiso, boiso, saiso (Come, see, and buy)! — Busan’s common expression, which has become a trademark that originated from the female vendors selling fish at Jagalchi Market. The Busan budget tour focuses on Jagalchi Market, Nampo-dong street, and Yongdusan Observatory, where you can see the lives of the local people. This course also includes Haeundae and the coastal landscape of Taejongdae during the daytime and a sauna at a jjimjilbang and a hot spring at night.

▶09:00 Departure from Seoul, 14:00 Arrival in Busan
The trip takes approximately three hours by KTX from Seoul Station to Busan Station (about 48,000 won). There is a train leaving every 30 minutes or every hour. You can also take a Saemaeulho train (39,000 won) or a Mugunghwaho train (27,000 won), which take 4 hours and 15 minutes and 5.5 hours respectively. There are 5 to 15 trains a day. Express buses leave from Gangnam Seoul Bus Terminal between 06:00 and 09:00 every 20 to 30 minutes and the ride takes about 4 hours and 40 minutes.

• Travel Tip: If your hotel is located close to Busan Station, check-in before you start sightseeing, but if you are staying near Haeundae or downtown, which is farther away, put your luggage in a public locker inside the train station and start your tour immediately. It takes about 30 minutes from Busan Station to the first destination, which is Nampo-dong.

• Travel Tip: Have a simple lunch at Busan Station. The restaurant area in the station offers Korean, Chinese, or Western cuisine. There are also a number of restaurants outside the station. If you want to save more time, buy some sandwiches, gimbap (rice roll), and drinks before you leave Seoul Station and enjoy them on the train.

14:00~18:00 Sightseeing at Nampo-dong street ~ Yongdusan Park ~ Jagalchi Market

Well known for ‘Jagalchi Ajimae,’ the women vendors selling fish and seafood, Jagalchi Market is the venue for the annual Jagalchi Festival. The area includes a sushi center where a number of restaurants cater to the needs of visitors during lunchtime.

Across from the market is Nampo-dong. This area is also famous for the PIFF Square where the Busan International Film Festival is held every year. After you enjoy some sightseeing on the streets of Nampo-dong, make your way to the nearby Yongdusan Park, go up the Busan Tower Observatory in the center of the park or enjoy a view of the city.

Noodles at Nampo-dong Meokjagolmok!
The meokjagolmok (food alley) in Nampo-dong has a long history stretching over 50 years. It first started with a few cart vendors who catered to refugees after the Korean War. Today, there are about 30 to 40 vendors lining the alley to sell snack foods such as noodles, japchae (Vermicelli mixed with vegetables), gimbap (rice rolls), tteokbokki (rice cakes in hot sauce), and sundae (Korean sausage with a casing of intestines). With prices ranging between 2,000 and 3,000 won, travelers are sure to find delicious local food for a very affordable price.

18:00~21:00 Walk on Gwangalli Beach
Located adjacent to Haeundae Beach, Gwangalli Beach is famous as a dating place for many young couples in Busan. At night, the arch-shaped beach is more romantic as it is illuminated by the surrounding buildings and Gwangan Bridge. Then go to Gwangalli area when the sun sets for a walk on the beach and a great night view.

▶09:00~12:00 Visit to Taejongdae Park’s coastal cliffs
Famous for its oddly-shaped rocks and cliffs, Taejongdae Park offers a great sightseeing course along a 4.3-kilometer coastal road. The sites include Taejongsa Temple, a lighthouse, and an observatory, which are accessible on foot or by tram. The most popular is the Yeongdo Lighthouse Maritime Culture Area. First opened in 2004, this site offers views of the sea from a white lighthouse, which also has a maritime theater, a library (free Internet), a natural history gallery, and a coffee shop. After visiting the lighthouse, walk down to view the sea. You can easily access Taejongdae by taking a Danubi tour tram.

Visitor Information
Hours : April~October: 09:00~24:00 (Ticketing until 22:00), November~March: 09:00~21:00 (Ticketing until 20:00)
Fare : 19 years old and above: 1,500 won, 13~18 years old: 1,000 won, 12 years old or younger: 600 won
(Free for children 4 years or younger and seniors 65 years or older)

Visit to Haeundae on a City Tour Bus
Budget travelers can take a city tour bus and enjoy some of the major tourist destinations of Busan for just 10,000 won. The bus tour, which is becoming more popular, offers both one-story buses as well as the double-decker buses. It offers the Haeundae, Taejongdae, and night tour programs, which all start from Busan Station. The tours take about two hours. If you buy a one-day pass, you can enjoy a leisurely tour and get on and off any time during the route.

Each seat is equipped with a personal moniter showing information on each tourist site. The audio service is available in Korean, English, Japanese, and Chinese. The best seats are usually the front seats on the top deck, which are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. For more information on the schedule of the double-decker bus, please visit their website.

* Taejongdae Tour: Busan Station ~ Yongdusan Park ~ Coastal Ferry Terminal ~ Taejongdae Park ~ Jagalchi Market ~ PIFF Square ~ Busan Station

* Night Tour: Busan Station ~ Gwangan Bridge ~ Haeundae Beach ~ Dalmaji ~ Busan Station

* Haeundae Tour: Busan Station ~ Busan Museum ~ UN Memorial Park ~ Gwangalli Beach ~ Nurimaru ~ Haeundae Beach ~ Municipal Museum ~ BEXCO ~ Busan Station

Visitor Information
Fare: 20 years old and above: 10,000 won; ages 5~19 years old: 5,000 won
For inquires: +82-51-1330 (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese), +82-51-464-9898(Korean)
Website: (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)
Location : Buses are lined up in front of the Lawn Plaza of Busan Station.

 Relaxation and accommodations at Vesta Jjimjilbang
To wrap up your trip, spend the night at a jjimjilbang for a uniquely Korean cultural experience. Vesta Jjimjilbang is located on Haeundae’s Dalmaji Hill. The side of the building facing the sea is all glassed in and so visitors can enjoy a fantastic night view of Haeundae and Gwangalli while taking a steam sauna.

This 5-story building has an information desk on the first floor, a women and men’s sauna on the 2nd and 4th floor, a jjimjilbang on the 3rd floor, and a fitness center and open-air bath on the 5th floor. Don’t miss the fabulous view of Haeundae from the open-air bath. Swimsuits are required. It is open from 11:00 to18:00 on weekdays and 09:00~21:00 on weekends and holidays.

Rejuvenate your skin at the skin treatment center
The skin treatment center on the 1st floor is popular with female customers. This space offers a nice retreat to soothe skin that has been exposed to ultra-violet rays and is a relaxing way to wrap up the day. Reservations are required. Couple rooms are available for friends and couples.

Business Hours: 10:00~22:00, the fee for a facial treatment ranges from 60,000 won to 150,000 won. For reservations, please call +82-51-742-8867 (Korean, English)

Visitor Information
Hours : 24 hrs
Price : 8 years old and above: 7,900 won, 8 years old and under: 5,000 won (price includes jjimjilbang dress)
For inquires: +82-51-1330 (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese), +82-54-743-5705(Korean)
Website: (Korean)
How to Get There: Go to the Haeundae’s Dalmaji Hill

Day 3

▶08:00~09:00 Breakfast
Enjoy a simple breakfast of eggs and a drink at the jjimjilbang. If you have a heavy bag, ask if you can leave it at the reception desk.

▶09:00~13:00 Visit to Yonggungsa or Beomeosa Temple
Because of their unique geographical surroundings, Yonggungsa Temple and Beomeosa Temple have totally different features. While Yonggungsa Temple, located on a coastal cliff, offers a beautiful view of the sea, Beomeosa Temple, which is nestled deep in the mountains, has a different ambience. You can choose either of the two temples depending on personal preference.

A round trip to Yonggunsa takes an hour by taxi (public transportation is not recommended) and two hours by subway to Beomeosa, so make sure to allocate enough time for a temple visit. If a temple tour isn’t how you want to spend your time, you can top off your Busan trip with a leisurely shopping trip to a duty free shopping center.

▶14:00 Departure from Busan

▶19:00 Arrival in Seoul

Good Sightseeing Option!

Ride the ferris wheel with a view at Meworld

If you are visiting Busan with your family, make sure not to miss ‘Meworld’. Of the few amusement parks in Busan, this is the newest one. While it is relatively small with only about ten amusement rides, it has all the essential rides. This is a great day trip option. Meworld’s greatest advantage is the excellent view of the sea, thanks to its location near Gwangalli Beach. Take the 103.5-meter high ferris wheel to get a birds-eye-view of Haeundae and the yacht center.

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