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Dokdo,The beginning territory of Korean peninsula,beaing the first splendid sunshine.

Dokdo,The beginning territory of Korean peninsula,beaing the first splendid sunshine.
Came to Dokdo - The beautiful Island.

Dokdo was originally called “Dokseom.” “Dok,” which is a dialectal word of Jolla-do meaning “a stone,” was named in Chinese characters using “Dok,” which means “alone,” and became “Dokdo.”

Dokdo is located at 131˚52'20˝ of east longitude and 37 °14"14 of north latitude, and its administrative address is 1~96, Dokdo-ri, Ulleung-eup, Ulleung-gun, Gyeongsangbuk-do. It is 87.4Km distant from Ulleungdo, 216.8Km from Uljin, and 262Km from Pohang.

Dokdo is a volcanic island formed with hardened lava gushed from around 2,000m below the sea, and is estimated to have happened around 4.6~2.5 million years ago, so around 2 million years older than Ulleungdo (around 2.5 million years ago) and 3.4 million years older than Jejudo (around 1.2 million years ago). However, as it has been weathered by the wind and waves for such a long time, the island has been shaped as it looks today. The total area is 187,554㎡.

Dokdo is largely composed of Dongdo and Seodo, and has 89 affiliated islands which are small rock islets and reefs, and most of them are alkali volcanic rocks resulting from volcanic activities. In addition, most of the rocks are basalt and trachyte. Dongdo and Seodo face each other with a 151m wide strait between them (the shortest distance from coast to coast at low tide).

Dongdo on the southeast side is 98.6m in height, 2.8Km in circumference, and 73,297㎡ in size, and most of marine facilities including manned lighthouse are on this island. There is also the Dongdo wharf that is 1,945㎡(588 pyeong) large and can accommodate a 500-ton ship. Through the wharf, tourists land on the island everyday. In addition, the island has rainwater collection and desalination facilities, producing 1,500ℓ of drinking water a day. This shows the undeniable fact that Dokdo is a part of the Republic of Korea.

Seodo on the northwest side is 168.5m in height, 2.6Km in circumference, and 88,740㎡ in size, and its summit is a steep cone. Currently, there is a lodge for fishermen that is used as a shelter in emergency. Besides, the total area of the affiliated islands is 25,517㎡, and there are various shapes of islands including Crawfish Rock, Gate Rock, Candlestick Rock and Face Rock. The sea area around Dokdo is a blue belt where cold current and warm current meet each other, forming a coastal fishing ground and the Daehwatoi Fishery rich in fish. In addition, Seodo is highly meaningful in terms of its geological, ecological and sociological values as well as in military and strategic values.

Dokdo, which is in the middle of a territorial dispute, is obviously our land since 512 when King Jijeung subjugated the Usan Kingdom in his 13th year as recorded in “Shilla Bongi” of Samguksagi.

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