Saturday, January 29, 2011

Jagalchi fish Market in Busan korea

One of the places that come to mind first when you think of Busan is the Jagalchi Market. Here you can enjoy fresh seafood at cheap prices with a side of history as well. As the largest and one of the oldest fish markets in Korea, you can feel the pulse of Busan simply by strolling around.

Every day, 300 kinds of fish including fresh snapper, flatfish, ear shell and squid arrive at the market in the early dawn. This market is always a cacophony of sounds: the voices of middle-aged women selling and bidding on seafood, live fish flapping in the water and thousands of people milling about.

     During the Korean War,
     women primarily worked and shopped in the market, and the affectionate new term 
     “Jagalchi ajimae” is used to describe them. Every year in October,

      the Jagalchi Festival is held under the slogan “Oheesoh, Boeesoh, Saeesoh.”
      The market is also typically at the top of the list for tourists.

       How to get there: Subway line No. 1, Nampo-dong Station, exit 2 or Jagalchi
       Station, exit 10. It’s about a 5-minute walk from the station.

          Telephone :82 - 51-713-8000

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